Prominent Voices

Federal Minister Dr. Ursula von der Leyen

"The German Friendship Games - that is sportmanships, international encounters and friendship. Nobody stands alone. This event is just thrilling. I've spent wonderful days in Herford."

Dr. Reinhard Göhner

Director General of the Confederation of German Employers' Association (BDA)

"The German Friendships are a platform for competition as well as friendships for the kids of the world."

Dr. Rolf Gerlach

President of the Sparkassen Association Westfalen-Lippe

"For the fourth time, the Sparkasse is supporting this exemplary event for junior development and people's understanding. We are looking forward to a great show, wish all visitors exciting sport and the participants an unforgettable experience and new friends."

Marianne Thomann-Stahl

District President

"A great experience following the motto 'Friendships not Championships'. The youth of the world is coming to Herford - I am looking forward to the event, there are many horse-loving kids and teenagers from all over the world."

Otto Becker

Olympic champion and Head Coach of the German Showjumpers

"Since 1999, I am enthusiastic about the German Friendships. Many riders who do succeed internationally today started their careers here."

Ludger Beerbaum

Olympic champion and top rider

"German Friendships? - That is Aachen for the young riders from all over the world."